Posted by: ninechallenges | 23 September, 2008

100 Ideas for Fundraising

Courtesy of, the charity for Ovarian Cancer.

1. Collecting boxes in company offices, reception areas and canteens
2. Bring and buy sales
3. Coffee mornings
4. Organise a sponsored walk
5. Charity lunches (usually PR occasions with guests being invited to contribute)
6. Private charity dinners (invite friends to dinner on the understanding that they will
7. Games of skill (e.g. dropping a coin over a target)
8. Fashion shows
9. Raffles (especially around special occasions e.g. Easter eggs, Christmas
10. Tupperware (and similar) parties. The host’s gift can be obtained in cash for the
11. Auction of donated items
12. Sponsored golf days (suppliers invited to sponsor a hole)
13. Special “theme” dances/discos
14. Recycle old computer equipment
15. Company open day – for families, friends and neighbours of the company with
stalls and side-shows
16. Competitions with entry fees e.g. gamesmaster challenge
17. Charity cricket match (and other sports)
18. Grand draw (large prizes donated by suppliers)
19. Food demonstrations
20. Language classes (fees to charity)
21. Keep fit at lunchtime
22. Sponsored cycle
23. Treasure hunts
24. Slimming club. Meeting fee to charity and sponsored weight loss
25. Home-made wine tasting
26. Darts tournament
27. Sponsored swim
28. Fun run
29. Talent show
30. Team quizzes
31. Children’s party with entry fee
32. Tombolas at special events
33. Donate and sell second-hand books/records/clothes
34. Sell home-made cakes and biscuits
35. Sell bedding plants and flowers
36. Squash ladder
37. Give up smoking – sponsored by the day
38. Craft show
39. Car boot sale
40. Fishing competition
41. Guess the weight (of just about anything/anybody)
42. Garden parties
43. Staff let holiday cottage/caravan (part of fee to charity)
44. Sponsored jail break- the person who travels the furthest without spending any
money in a fixed period of time is the winner
45. Sponsored abseil
46. Staff variety show
47. Garage sales
48. Make a mile of pennies
49. Knock-out general knowledge quiz between departments
50. Make and sell toys
51. Carol singing
52. Sale of unwanted gifts
53. Sponsored silence
54. Pancake race
55. Slave auction – be someone’s slave for an hour, or be boss for an hour
56. Tug-of-war competition
57. Pool or snooker competition
58. Guess the number of…
59. Collect foreign coins (leftover from holiday)
60. Sponsored staircase climb
61. Special delivery service – at Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays
62. Fancy dress pub crawls, walks
63. “Guess the baby” photo competition
64. Paper boat racing
65. Sponsored knit/knit garments to order
66. Sweepstakes for baby’s weight or time of birth
67. Assault course
68. Ten pin bowling challenge
69. Go racing
70. Run or climb up a mountain
71. Swearbox
72. Barn dance
73. Bed race
74. Sponsored head/beard/moustache shave
75. Bonfire night celebration
76. Pub skittles evening
77. Photographic competition and sale of entries
78. Sell Christmas cards or gifts (make them yourself)
79. Have a charity ball
80. Auction of services (get people to offer their time to do things they are particularly
good at i.e. home decorating, cooking a meal, gardening)
81. Five-a-side football leagues and competition
82. Sponsored dog walk
83. Predict the top five singles in the charts (weekly competition)
84. Sponsored spook – spend the night in a haunted place
85. Special parcel wrapping service at Christmas (wrap all those power tool
Christmas gifts for customers in exchange for a donation)
86. Have a textile bank in your car park or outside your office
87. Sweepstakes for the big horse races/sporting occasions
88. Lunchtime concerts given by staff or local musicians
89. Compile a recipe book and sell it to staff and friends
90. Holiday help service. Look after someone’s pets, water their plants or just keep
an eye on their home, with a donation to charity
91. Karaoke evening – pay to sing your favourite song, pay not to have to sing, pay to
make someone else sing!
92. Beaujolais run
93. Sponsored expedition
94. Selling kisses (or paying to be kissed!)
95. Giving a small amount from your pay each month by Give As You Earn
96. Form a 100 club. 100 people pay in a small amount each week, 50% of money is
given out as 1st and 2nd prize, the rest is given to charity
97. Bad taste clothing day – if you don’t want to take part you pay!
98. Spring clean your wardrobe/house and sell to your friends
99. Aerobathon
100. Anything that is fun and raises money!


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