Posted by: ninechallenges | 23 September, 2008

Top 10 Christmas Fundraising Ideas

(A little early, but gives you time to plan properly!)

1. Christmas cards – Send a letter with every Christmas card telling people about your challenge and asking for their support. Set up an online sponsor form on Justgiving so they can sponsor you wherever they are!

2. Non-uniform day – Ask a local school to hold a Christmas fancy dress or non-uniform day with pupils donating £1 to Mind to take part.

3. Carol singing – local shopping centres or stations are great places to sing carols, but remember to ask permission first.

4. Sponsor money for Christmas – Ask for sponsorship rather than Christmas presents! It will be worth it once you’re having fun on the event.

5. ‘Piggy back’ existing events – for example, ask your local school/church if you can have a stall or do a raffle at their Christmas Fayre.

6. Donations instead of cards – Instead of sending Christmas cards at work, ask all your colleagues to make a donation to Mind instead. Put a big poster on the wall for people to write their greetings. Not only will you raise funds but you are also being environmentally friendly by not wasting all those Christmas cards that get thrown away in January!

7. Office Christmas party – Make use of the office Christmas party, hold a raffle or charge an entrance fee, hold a quiz or a ‘skills’ auction – who knows what secret talents your colleagues have!

8. Christmas collections – Organise a collection at your local shopping centre or supermarket – in festive fancy dress of course!

9. Bag packing – Pack bags at your local supermarket in return for donations (lots of Christmas shoppers).

10. Christmas dinner party – Have a dinner or drinks party and ask guests to bring a donation to Mind (or simply charge them to come!). You can give your party a Christmas theme or the theme of the country you are visiting; for example Cuba by making rum cocktails and playing Salsa music!

These ideas courtesy of, the charity for mental health.


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