Posted by: ninechallenges | 24 September, 2008

Treadmill Adventures

So I went out last night and bought this treadmill from Argos. My thinking behind this was that it was cheaper and more convenient than joining the gym, and I could put in much more training/miles over the winter months. Handy for the 1000 mile challenge!

So we got the ginormous box in the car after much wrangling of car and baby seats, and managed to lug it into our living room. I exclaimed several times how glad I was I didn’t buy an electric one, as it would have been much bigger and heavier!

It took quite a while to put together, mainly because an alan key was missing and we had to go hunting for another one, and the belt was loose and crooked, which took about an hour and a half to tighten and straighten. My poor partner was well worked-out by the end!

My first attempt ended in disaster, as the belt was still quite loose and I simply slid straight off the back (think of the scene in Space Chimps with the treadmill, and you get the picture!!).

Second attempt ended in me being barely able to move the belt at all!

Third attempt (and final, my partner gave up at this point, bless him!), ended with me completing a whole five minutes. The problem with this treadmill really is the incline. It’s very steep and non-adjustable, which means you constantly feel as if you are going backwards, so you over-compensate by pulling forwards with the top half of your body. My problem in particular, is that this treadmill is designed for people of average height, whereas I am only 5ft2 – this means the handlebars are a little awkward for me to grip, so five minutes in my shoulders were killing me.

I will get used to it in time, I think over the next month I will alternate between outdoor running and using the treadmill and once I get the hang of it properly I can use it when the weather is bad.

I only have four weeks till the half-marathon (actually less than that, its on the 19th October!), so the next couple of weeks involve some serious knuckling down to business!

Once the half-marathon is over, I need to find the next challenge, as I want to keep nine challenges going – so if you have any suggestions for either the next challenge or the next good cause, please do get in touch and let me know.

As always, have a great day!

Tess xx


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