Posted by: ninechallenges | 26 September, 2008

10 Office Fundraising Ideas

1. A work auction. offer things like making the coffee for a week, or doing all the post, or fetching everybodys lunch.

2. Sponsored head-shave or wax. Get as many people as you can to volunteer to get their head shaved or legs waxed, then host the event one lunchtime or after work, when everyone else can attend and donate money. plan in advance and ask people to make a donation and/or bring in their penny jars from home!

3. Baby photo competition. An old favourite. People bring in their baby photos, it costs £1 to guess whose photo is whose.

4. Coffee Morning. Everybody donates £1, pays for coffee and biscuits (which you can make yourself).

5.Dress Down Day. £1 to dress down, £2 if you don’t.

6. Bad Tie/Hair/Clothes day.Again, £1 to look bad, £2 if they don’t – and make sure you take lots of photos of your bosses and colleagues looking their baddest!

7.Swear Box. Every single swear word means a donation of 50p. You might think you have a nice office but you would be surprised how many swear words there are in the course of a day!

8.Penny Jar. Keep a large jar on your desk and ask everyone at work to donate their small change.

9.Office Treasure Hunt. Hide a selection of items in the office, then give participating people the clues to each item (they pay £2 to enter the hunt). The person who finds the most items wins a bottle of wine or similar.

10.Contest to win a half-days holiday. Ask your boss to donate a half-days holiday and hold a contest for someone to win it. This idea has lots of scope as you could come up with just about anything for the contest.


Tess xx


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