Posted by: ninechallenges | 26 September, 2008

10 Random Fundraising Tips

1. Tell everybody you know about what you are doing – friends, family, colleagues, bosses, neighbours – don’t be shy to ask for sponsorship. The worst they can do is say no!

2. Make sure you check out the legalities of anything you do – ask the charity you are fundraising for, or check google (I love Google!).

3. Publicity is important – send a press release to local papers and free papers telling them what you are doing, when and why.

4. Be safe. Always make sure that what you are doing is safe – its no good raising money for a good cause if the end result is you in hospital, or worse.

5. Don’t forget Gift Aid – if the sponsor is a UK tax payer, the government gives the charity an extra 28% on top of the donation.

6. Ask your boss about Matched Giving, whereby they will match whatever you raise, pound for pound.

7. Don’t be daunted by a large sponsorship total, break it down into manageable chunks and work to those targets. It soon adds up.

8. Every no leads to a yes – when it seems like you aren’t getting anywhere and everyone is saying no, keep a huge smile on your face and keep going!!

9. Create a page on Justgiving ( and email the url to everyone you know.

10. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun with it!!




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