Posted by: ninechallenges | 27 September, 2008

Even More Christmas Fundraising Ideas!

1. Breakfast with Santa. Charge £10 entry and for this the children get to have breakfast with Santa, get a gift and a hug and also their photo taken with Santa.

2. Offer to do all the Christmas gift wrapping for your friends, family and colleagues, in return for a donation to your appeal.

3. A twist on the above one, see if a local store will let you set up a trestle table and donate some wrapping paper to you, and offer to gift wrap pressies for people in return for a donation.

4. Dress up as Santa and stand in the doorway of your local supermarket (you will need to ring or visit the store and get the managers permission.), with a collection box. For added effect, have some ‘Merry Christmas’ stickers made with your web address and the charitys details and if you have children they could dress as elves and help out! And of course, make sure to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

5. Make your own Christmas decorations, cards, gift tags – anything you can think of that you can then sell to friends, family and colleagues, and also at jumble sales, car boots, etc.


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